Value Creation Versus Value Extraction

If you’ve ever wondered how to create value so you sell at higher profit margins, this video will help you. In the next 10 minutes I’ll show you a simple 4-part framework for creating value with each customer and prospect. When you implement what I’m going to show you, your sales and profit margins will increase. I’ve seen it happen time & time again with our own coaching clients.

How to Create Value

The 2 biggest challenges we face at the moment are declining sales and pressure on margin. This is compounded by an excess capacity which means that many printers are slashing prices to keep the presses busy.

Create more value by doing this

And when you compete in this kind of market, you can’t keep reducing your own prices just to compete; because that’s a game you can’t win. The video you are about to watch will give you an alternative way to compete… a way where you can protect your profit margins and win more sales.

Value Creation Versus Value Extraction