The Law Of Small Numbers

Because of the current market conditions, most printers are looking for more customers and better quality prospect lists. After you watch this video you will have a shortcut to increasing your sales and finding better quality prospects. You may not realize it yet, but a lot of sales activity is wasted on completely the wrong types of prospects. And when you sell like this, it’s very hard to hit sales target and profit targets.

The law of small numbers

When you are looking for good quality customers who don’t just buy on price, you need to look in the right places. And most companies are looking in the wrong places, which means they struggle to hit their sales targets.

Sell more when you use the law of small numbers

When I first understood how to use this strategy, I used it to outsell a complete team of sales people… by myself. I know it’s hard to believe, but my individual results were higher than the combined results of the rest of the sales team where I was selling.

The Law Of Small Numbers