The 4 Buyer Types

In this video you will discover how to win more accounts by selling to the 4 buyer types. When I began to use this concept, I ended up having a lot more power and control over my selling process. I noticed people who didn’t understand this concept had a lack of control over their sales process and did not understand why.

The 4 buyer types

My first year using it, my sales took a massive leap forward – as did my commissions. I did not work any harder, I still had lots of free time to devote to my social life and my hobbies and I had the cash to invest in my lifestyle.

The 4 buyer types

When you integrate this concept into your sales process, your sales and profits will increase. Your relationships with your accounts will deepen. They will see you as a valuable resource for their business. If you don’t use this, you run the risk of being just another commodity print sales person. The video is less than 10 minutes… go check it out now.

The 4 Buyer Types

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