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Real Print Companies Reveal The Measurable Results They Got After Working With Nick Devine & The Print Coach

Bill McNally Managing Director, Simpson Group

Signed Contracts With 5 Large Accounts… Additional £300k In One Account

For the first time in the history of our business, we now have a truly differentiated Value Proposition. 3 of our largest Key Accounts have already signed contracts as a direct result of our new proposition. And we’ve already had 2 new potential large accounts sign contracts for pilot projects.

Another benefit that we have experienced is the nature of the sales conversation itself. We are now talking to business people about business issues, instead of talking to buyers about price and product specs.

Not only are we more active on the new business front, but we are also more effective in how we now sell. Our sales process is more predictable, and we have shortened our sales cycle as a consequence.

Graham GarrodManaging Director, Sherwood Press

Winning 3 New Large Accounts Each Year… Growing Existing Key Accounts By 20%... Value Add Up By 6%

Since our involvement with Nick, we have completely moved away from the traditional way of selling our print, packaging, and related services.

We have shifted to a more structured approach based on the whole supply function. Our new Value Proposition has generated a very high response from our pipeline/marketing activity which has enabled us to land 3 new large new accounts each year. We are also on track to grow our key accounts by 20%, and we have increased our value add by over 6%.

We felt we had exhausted the traditional sources of sales growth and manufacturing efficiencies. We needed a new breakthrough business growth idea, and we got it with Nick’s systems.

Sales Up 20% - Doubled Profits In New Partnership

Sales have grown by 20% in the last two years, and that has contributed to an additional 4% increase in net profits. Because of what we learned from Nick, I felt more confident about investing in another business.

As a consequence of implementing the new systems we learned alongside our existing processes into this partnership, profits have increased by over 100% in the first full financial year.

John Bailey
Managing Director, ProCo
Anthony BagshawManaging Director, Gecko Direct

Recently Won 2 X £500k Accounts… Gross Margins Up Almost 25%

We recently won 2 x £500k accounts at a very good margin using Nick’s systems. In addition to the sales improvement, our gross margins are up by almost 25%, a significant portion of which is flowing directly to our bottom line.

Our team are now doing a far better job of selling a broader range of our high-margin products and services.

Because I feel so confident in the predictability, scalability, and profitability of our new business growth systems, I’ve been willing to invest to grow. We’ve made significant investments in new technology, staff, buildings, and infrastructure.

John TolleyManaging Director, Prime Group

41% Sales Growth

We’ve seen a 41% increase in sales since we started using Nick's strategies. Our team are laser targeted on our Ideal Client and we create compelling value propositions for them. Our new style Value Propositions has been a fundamental part of our new business process.

We stopped doing business with non-ideal clients and have a far healthier spread of business across more of our Platinum Clients. We have also grown the revenue in those top accounts by 10%.

Philip DoddManaging Director, Healeys printing Group

“New Sales Record In September. Broke That Record In November.”

We set a new company record for sales and profits in September. It’s been many years since we had those type of sales and profit numbers. We broke that record again in November. Based on what we have already booked in for December, we should be around £50,000 ahead of our monthly average. And that is despite being closed for 10 days over the Christmas period.

Landed 3 Elephants… Faster

When we applied to join the Elephant Hunting System, one of our goals was to land large new accounts. I’m delighted to say we have already landed three Elephants in our first year.

We have developed a truly differentiated value proposition that is really resonating with our ideal client.

We are currently in the process of hiring more ‘A’-Players into our business development team with 2 new hires already committed.

FFP Packaging Solutions

EBIT Improved 250%

Our sales are growing again, and our Value Add has increased by 2%. As a business owner, I’m also excited to see that our EBIT has improved 250% year-to-date. And our cash position continues to improve as our debt is reducing.

The EHS project paid for itself fully within 6 months. There are a number of reasons why this happened, but one of them was Nick’s ability to show us how to find an additional £196,000 in places we were not looking.

Simpson Group

3 New Account Opportunities

We’re in the early phases of our EHS program, and we’re already seeing positive change around our company.

We’ve invested a lot of energy to create a brand new value proposition, and it’s been worth the effort. We’ve shown it to 3 large accounts, and all 3 want to progress the opportunity we identified, which is an amazing success ratio.

While this project will easily self-fund in year 1, the real pay-off is beyond year one, because that’s when we’ll be fully leveraging the work we’re doing this year.

GI Solutions

Sales Up 11% & Margins Up 3%

By adopting the ideas and tools introduced to us through the Elephant Hunting System, we have increased sales by 11% in Q1 this year compared to last, as well as improving our margin by almost 3%.

This improved performance has more than paid for the investment we’re making to implement the system. Moreover, this represents a sustainable improvement which will continue to deliver results even when the initial implementation phase is over

Stephen RobinsonManaging Director, BLP

“Our Sales Are Growing And Our Profits Are Up”

Due to the work we did with The Print Coach, we are successfully installing a comprehensive and repeatable sales and marketing system for the Elanders UK business.

Our sales are up, and I’m feeling excited about growing our business, even in these challenging times.

Chris Hewitt
Sales & Marketing Director, Elanders
Gary PeelingCEO Precision Printing

“Increased Our Profits In Q1 By £147k”

We needed to make changes in our business. We had exhausted lean and invested significant sums in innovation in an attempt to create market advantage. But we left our approach to our clients pretty much untouched. I knew something needed to change.

This unique combination of training combined with robust and simple systems have led us to increase our profits in Q1 by £149k compared to the same period in the previous year, on a turnover of £3.2 million for that period

Bill McNallyManaging Director, Simpson Group

Signed Contracts With 5 Accounts

For the first time in the history of our business, we now have a truly differentiated Value Proposition. 3 of our largest Key Accounts have already signed contracts as a direct result of our new proposition. And we’ve already had 2 new potential Elephants sign contracts for pilot projects.

We’ve recently hired 2 ‘A’ Players into our account management team, and we did it without using traditional recruitment agencies.

In one obvious example, we’ve added an additional £300,000 in revenue. We are also securing contracts with these critical accounts and managing to do so without sacrificing gross margin.

Simon KingSales Director, Sherwood Press

Landing 3 Large New Accounts Each Year… And Gaining 20% Growth In Existing Key Accounts

The Print Coach methods have radically changed the focus of the sales team. We now have Sales Management systems that everyone has embraced and are working with. There is a much greater understanding of what we are selling, who we sell it to, and the real points of difference we can provide.

We’re now landing an average of 3 new large accounts each year, and we’re doing it on a consistent basis. This is in addition to the 20% growth we’ve experienced in our existing key accounts.

Due to the work we have carried out with Nick, not only is our company growing, but the people in our company are also growing.

We Have Achieved A Business Proposition That Enables Us To Entirely Differentiate What We Do From The Competition

The benefits of working with Nick on the Elephant Hunting System within our business are crystal clear. Nick has re-engineered the efforts of our sales team to dramatic effect. With just one painfully simple technique, we have achieved an additional bottom line profit of over £150,000 within 12 months.

We have developed far deeper insights into our customers’ behaviour and their requirements, and can powerfully articulate ProCo’s capabilities within the specific sectors in which our Elephants operate. We have achieved a business proposition that enables us to entirely differentiate what we do from the competition. I don’t think we could have achieved this as quickly and effectively as we did, were it not for Nick’s input.

Claire Knox
Marketing Director, ProCo

New Value Proposition Converting 3 Out Of 4 Meetings… Non-Profitable Business Reduced By 30%... EHS System Paid For Itself In First 6 Months

I’ve been involved in various business development projects throughout my career. I can honestly say that Nick’s Elephant Hunting methodology has been the one that will sustain lasting change.

The sales team have a far better understanding of the message we want to put out and who we want to target.

Our strong value proposition communicates a clearer sales message to our target clients. Currently, it’s converting 3 out of every 4 qualified meetings.

And it’s not just new business that’s improving. We’ve also reduced the overreliance on a handful of key accounts. We now have a better spread of large accounts in our portfolio.

As business managers, we make many decisions. One of the decisions I’m most excited about is when I endorsed the Elephant Hunting System and committed to working with Nick to install it in our company.

In our situation,

it easily paid for itself in the first 6 months

Chris BottomleyOperations Director, Gecko Direct

One Of The Most Successful Show Features IPEX Has Ever Done... Audiences Flocked To The Printers’ Profit Zone

Nick Devine has been first-class to work with. Our 2 companies spent a year working together to develop a concept he originated, called Printers’ Profit Zone. We made this into a main feature at IPEX 2010.

In the run up to IPEX, he arranged a Global Print Survey to uncover the needs of our audience. The quality of his content and seminar programme delivered at Printers’ Profit Zone was unrivalled. He really got ‘under the skin’ of the market and tailored-made a programme to the global printers’ needs.

Audiences flocked to the Printers' Profit Zone, and it was fair to say that this has been one of the most successful show features IPEX has ever done. There was regular standing room only attendance.

I would not hesitate to work with Nick again. His expertise brings a fresh and innovative perspective on the traditional seminar programme and ability to engage with the print community.

Nick Craig WallerMarketing Director, IPEX 2010

We are approaching 30 new clients over a 90-day period because of the work we did with The Print Coach. We now have a new impetus...new ideas and a new approach that is producing results.

Mark TullyGroup Sales Director, Gemini Group

You Received A Superior Rating From Our Audience, And I Certainly Understand Why

I can't tell you how refreshing I found your presentation to be. Shrinking sales and pressure on profit margins is a major problem for over 80% of printers in today’s market. Your presentation gave our customers simple and practical strategies they could immediately use to win new sales and protect the customers they have.

Your proven strategies for growing sales… combined with step-by-step implementation actions... is a powerful recipe for any printer.

I feel confident that those printers who follow your advice will be able to sell more to their existing customers… and find new sales and new customers.

Thank you for sharing your insights with our customers. You received a superior rating from our audience, and I certainly understand why.

Jennie Leech
GM Marketing Communications & Programs – International Business Group, Fuji Xerox

The Sheer Scale of New Sales Opportunities Has Been Breathtaking

One of our challenges was how to find new business and increase our sales and profitability. We decided to join The Print Coach because we knew Nick understood the print industry and our marketplace. We've only used the first two modules and we're already getting amazing results.

Grace ShielMinuteman Press, Stoke-on-Trent

Sales Increased Over 25%

We’re up between 25% and 30% compared to last year. Using what we’ve learned, we’ve moved away from simply selling print to focusing on how we can make our clients more effective. We’re now more narrowly focused on specific niche markets and leveraging the successes we’re getting there. And I’m far more productive because of the time strategies I’ve learned.

Aaron CorsonSales & Marketing, NJC Printing

The Tools To Help Get Things Done

The program is very detailed but easy to understand. The modules are reinforced in multiple types of media, audio, visual, electronic and worksheets. Using the information is easier because of the tools to help get things done.

Jaci MaherA-Link Printing & Promotions

Very Surprised At The Level Of Support You Provide

Hello Nick: Thanks for the phone call, I was very surprised at the level of support you provide (I never expected a personal call when I signed up for the program).

The program was easy to sign up for, very inexpensive given the amount of information which is very specific to my business. Add to that the systematic help in implementing the information immediately, at no additional costs. (I have seen other marketing plans and most have immediate additional costs without implementing the first step). Anybody can tell me what I need to do, Heck... I even know that, the problem is really how to do it! I was finding it very hard to take the actions that I needed, while working in the business and wearing many hats already.

I can already see a difference in my team's relationship with our clients but also a fresh attitude towards the business in general.

It's very refreshing to get someone with the proper knowledge to give me new insight on what new actions need to be taken, and the opportunities already in front of me and how to put them into action immediately.

I look forward to continuing the program, growing my existing clients plus adding and retaining new ones.

Randy A. SchulzOwner/Director of Operations, 
Chromatech Printing

A Single System That Can Be Repeated Again And Again

When I first heard about your program I was a little skeptical if you could deliver what you promise. I'm sure most of you clients are corporate and you don't get many individual sales reps who sign up. I was willing to invest my own money and time when I could see how you put your program together.

I want to let you know how helpful your program has been for me as a sales rep. It has helped me do a better job of sales, marketing and customer service by focusing my energy on what's important to growing my business. The support during the process has been terrific and keeps me on track to reaching my goals.

This program is much better for me than just reading another book or attending a seminar because you take us through the process. You don't just tell me what to do, but showed me how to do it with the blueprint and tools you provided. This program fully integrates a strategy for printers into a single system that can be repeated again and again.

Thank You!

Greg Cocroft
Precision Services Group

In the past 23 years I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on seminars, video tapes, audio tapes, books, etc. on sales and marketing looking for the magic pill that would bring me the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I remember the excitement I felt each time I read the book, watched the video and listened to the audios. Wow! This was finally the answer.

Each time I was bitterly disappointed. That is why I was sceptical about Nick Devine.

First, what did an Englishman know about printing companies in the USA?

Then I listened to his demo presentations. Again, almost everything I had heard or read about many times. Simply rehashed one more time. Then I heard more and became interested. So, if you have spent thousands and thousands chasing the magic pill, you have to try again.

As the axiom goes, if you keep doing what you have been doing you will get the same results. If you do not like the results you have to try something different.

This program is well worth the investment. I have started to build the ring of steel around my most important customers. I am going deeper in these major accounts for more work. I am defining the ideal customer and beginning to prospect for that customer.

I am so excited about the next year. Thank you, Nick!!!!

Darren Goodson Premier Print Group

Amazing How Much Difference Just One Day Makes.

I did a one-day event run by The Print Coach and found it extremely enlightening. I would highly recommend it to any print or direct mail company who are looking to put their sales department into overdrive. It’s amazing how much difference just one day makes.

Keith Davidson Duncan Print Group

Quick And Easy Profit Gains Were Readily Available

The challenge we face is continual price pressures in a shrinking market. Attending Nick’s seminar, I came away with a realization that some quick and easy profit gains were readily available that I can easily implement. It made it very worthwhile.

Jeffrey Thorogood(Director), Action Colour

29 Good Ideas That I Can Implement

I just want to tell you how useful I found the course yesterday. On my way back on the coach yesterday evening I noted down no less than 29 good ideas that I got from you yesterday - and remember, I've already implemented probably another 29 good ideas that I've gained from you in the past. Remember great ideas need to be conscientiously implemented - now!

If You Apply This Material, You Will Get The Results

I have been in the print industry for more than 30 years. I now know and understand what we average small print companies have to deal with on a daily basis to not just survive but prosper. Nick has one of the keys to prospering in this changing business. It is very rare to find someone who truly believes and practices: if you help your clients to be successful, you too will become successful. Nick is this rare find.

If you apply this material, you will get the results. Nick has done his job, now it is up to us printers to do ours.”

Don Wik
Rocky Mountain Print Solutions