Lean Sales Management

Managing A Team That Creates Revenue And Margin Growth

Research suggests that the single role with the biggest impact on revenue and profits is the field sales manager. And research also indicates that the average tenure is less than 2 years. Most sales managers end up in sales management for one of two reasons. They were either promoted after doing well in sales or they were forced to do it because there was no one else i.e. the business owner acting as the sales manager. Regardless of their background, any sales manager can improve their results with a few new skills. During this Keynote your audience will learn;

  • How To Use KPIs The Correct Way And Why Most Sales KPI Systems Are Destined To Fail
  • How To Use The Proactive Funnel On The Wall To Drive Revenue Growth
  • Why Salespeople Don’t Default To New Business Development And What To Do About It
  • The Difference Between Training And Coaching And Why You Need To Do Both If You Want Revenue Growth

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