The Trusted Advisor

Becoming A Company Who Creates Customer Value

Company owners are increasingly putting a focus on learning and development, particularly in the areas of sales training. Unfortunately, over 80% of the investments they make in sales training will be a waste of money. Traditional models of selling such as Solution Selling have proven both too complex to use and are ineffective with many prospects. Any growth strategy needs to integrate a proven sales model. The new model is that of the Trusted Advisor. During this Keynote your audience will;

  • Discover Why You’ll Never Attract Premium Pricing Using Solution Sales Models
  • Learn How To Use The Salesperson Ladder To Drive Business Growth
  • Discover How To Use Whole Product Pricing To Protect Your Profit Margins
  • Understand Why You Need To Use Insight Selling As Part Of Your Trusted Advisor Sales And Marketing Approach

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The Print CoachJennie Leech GM Marketing Communications & Programs - International Business Group, Fuji Xerox

“You Received A Superior Rating From Our Audience And I Certainly Understand Why”

"I can't tell you how refreshing I found your presentation to be. Shrinking sales and pressure on profit margins is a major problem for over 80% of printers in today's market. Your presentation gave our customers simple and practical strategies they could immediately use to win new sales and protect the customers they have.

Your proven strategies for growing sales… combined with step-by-step implementation actions is a powerful recipe for any printer.

I feel confident that those printers who follow your advice will be able to sell more to their existing customers… and find new sales and new customers.

Thank you for sharing your insights with our customers. You received a superior rating from our audience and I certainly understand why."
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