‘A’ Player Blueprint

Raising The Talent Bar As You Grow Your Company

If a sports team wants to win games and championships, they need talent on the team. If a business owner wants to beat the competition, win big deals, sell at premium pricing and build a business they love, they need to raise the talent bar in their company. Hiring ‘A’ Players needs to be a strategic imperative for those who are serious about business growth. During this Keynote your audience will learn;

  • How To Find Great Candidates In Unusual Places
  • The 2-Page Document That Doubles Your Chance Of Hiring An ‘A’ Player
  • Simple Interview Questions That Reveal Surprising Information About The Candidate
  • Why Talent Management Is Critical To Business Growth
  • How To Deal With Under Performance In Your Existing Team

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The Print CoachNick Craig Waller Marketing Director, Ipex 2010

“One Of The Most Successful Show Features Ipex Has Ever Done... Audiences Flocked To The Printers’ Profit Zone”

"Nick Devine has been first class to work with. Our 2 companies spend a year working together to develop a concept he originated, called Printers Profit Zone. We made this into a main feature at Ipex 2010.

In the run up to Ipex he arranged a Global Print Survey to uncover the needs of our audience. The quality of his content and seminar programme delivered at Printers’ Profit Zone was unrivalled. He really got ‘under the skin’ of the market and tailored made a programme to the global printers needs.

Audiences flocked to the Printers' Profit Zone and it was fair to say that this has been one of the most successful show features Ipex has ever done. There was regular standing room only attendance.

I would not hesitate to work with Nick again. His expertise brings a fresh and innovative perspective on the traditional seminar programme and ability to engage with the print community."
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