‘A’ Player Blueprint

Raising The Talent Bar As You Grow Your Company

If a sports team wants to win games and championships, they need talent on the team. If a business owner wants to beat the competition, win big deals, sell at premium pricing and build a business they love, they need to raise the talent bar in their company. Hiring ‘A’ Players needs to be a strategic imperative for those who are serious about business growth. During this Keynote your audience will learn;

  • How To Find Great Candidates In Unusual Places
  • The 2-Page Document That Doubles Your Chance Of Hiring An ‘A’ Player
  • Simple Interview Questions That Reveal Surprising Information About The Candidate
  • Why Talent Management Is Critical To Business Growth
  • How To Deal With Under Performance In Your Existing Team

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The Print CoachAndrew Pearce CEO, Independent Print Industry Association
“Our Highest Rated Conference Speaker”

"Nick first presented for the IPIA at a Conference we had arranged in January 2009. We discussed the brief beforehand and he not only stuck to the brief but enhanced it enormously. He held the audiences' attention and they clearly became engaged with his topic as there were many questions for him afterwards. Nick was our top rated speaker at the conference because of the quality of his content and the skill with which he presented it.

Nick has been a regular speaker at our events ever since and continues to surprise me with his ability to deliver fresh and engaging subject matter."
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