Elephant Hunting System – A Business Growth Acceleration Method

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How To Deliver Sustainable Business Growth If You Are A Print, Packaging, Wide Format, Or Marketing Communications Company

The Elephant Hunting System is suitable if you are a UK Top 400 Print, Packaging, Wide Format, or Marketing Communications company.

If 6 (or more) of the following 12 situations are true for your business, then this Business Growth Acceleration system is a ‘must investigate’ business growth process.

  1. Growing: Your sales and/or profits are growing following the recession. You want to take advantage of improved business conditions to solidify your company and its place in your market.
  2. Bigger Future Vision: You have a bigger future vision for your company. You want to build your company into something special. You want to create a company that others talk about and aspire to.
  3. Change: Your company is going through a period of change as you adapt to take advantage of changing market conditions. Some of your team is struggling to adapt to the change in culture.
  4. Hiring Sales Superstars: You have a need to find and hire talented sales superstars or sales managers. Your current recruiting efforts are good, but you feel they could be better. You worry about the business and financial impact of making a mis-hire.
  5. Structure: You are looking at optimizing your structure. This could include how you operate across multiple locations or which teams should be responsible for delivering what results, i.e., new business development and large account development.
  6. Value Proposition: You can deliver a great product and service to your clients, but you are not differentiating your sales proposition so it attracts premium pricing.
  7. Pricing Pressure: You are concerned about pricing pressure in your market and account base. You have experienced situations where competitors are undercutting your prices by 10% or more.
  8. Loss Of Major Account: You have some great accounts, many of whom have been with you for a long time. However, you are worried about the impact on your company if you were to lose one of those accounts.
  9. New Business Development: You would like your team to be more consistent and pro-active when it comes to developing new business. You are worried that they are getting distracted from core new business activities.
  10. Sales/Negotiation Skills: Sales have improved recently, but you worry that account managers and salespeople give in too easily to pricing demands. You feel that they are leaving money on the table when negotiating the final pricing.
  11. Projects/Technology: You are currently implementing new technology to automate your processes, improve service delivery or build / offer new capabilities to your customers. You want to translate these new investments into Customer Value and an improved Customer Value Proposition.
  12. Concerned About The Future: You’ve seen improved financial results since the height of the recession, but you are still concerned about the future. You sometimes worry about where future sales growth will come from. You feel this could be a good year for you, but you sometimes worry about future years.

In order to leverage your business growth opportunities and remove your constraints you have to optimize the following. These are key deliverables in our System.


    How To Find The ‘Best 100 Ideal Clients’ Who Are A Perfect Fit For What You Do.


    Differentiate What YOU Do From Your Competition Without Competing On Price.
    Learn How To Communicate The Value You Deliver To Your Ideal Client.


    How To Find, Hire, And Manage A Team Of ‘A Players’ So You Have A High Performing Sales Team.


    Discover Some Simple Step-By-Step Changes Your Salespeople, Account Managers And Customer Service People Can Make, Which Add Tens Of Thousands Of Pounds To Your Bottom Line.


    How To Get Your Team To Change… When Change Is Difficult.


    A Shortcut To Optimizing Your Business Model So You Maximize Your Sales And Profits.


    How To Align Your Structure So It Supports Your Strategy.


    Turn Your Business Growth Processes Into Predictable Systems.


    Ensure Your Sales / Customer Teams Are Fluent In The Right Skills So You Leverage All Your Customer And Prospect Opportunities.