How To Sell Value-Added Services

If you want to sell high margin value-added services, there is one skill you absolutely have to master. In this short video I will explain a simple and practical way to immediately sell on value and protect your profit margins.

You have to consistently connect the dots between the products and services you sell, and the issues your potential client is trying to resolve.

In the PX12 Consultative Selling System, we refer to this as ‘establishing the value connection’.

It’s a very effective and surprisingly simple tactic to master. The structure of the sentence looks like this;

  • John, you are currently experiencing issue 1, issue 2, and issue 3. The XYZ system will help you solve those three issues and give you ABC benefits.
  • Here’s an example of what that might look like in our own company.

  • John, (ISSUES) margins are getting squeezed right now because most salespeople are simply looking for opportunities to quote. You can’t sell high margin value-added services doing that. (BENEFITS OF YOUR SYSTEM) The New PX12 Consultative Selling System will improve your sales conversion rates by at least 10% and improve your margins by at least 3%.
  • If I was selling a marketing communications program, I might use this example

  • (ISSUES) Email response rates have been in decline recently because people have too much junk in their inbox. (BENEFITS OF YOUR SYSTEM) The personalized cross media campaign we are proposing should increase your response rates by 20% and lead to a significant increase in the lifetime value of your clients.

Your objective is actually quite simple; always remember to put the problem you solve before the product that solves it. Problem first… Product second.

And remember that you must connect the dots for the customer. You can’t rely on the customer making the value connection, that’s your responsibility as the seller.

FREE Resource: I produced a special CONSULTATIVE SELLING BLUEPRINT that I give my private clients to use. It includes the ‘6 Issues Questions’ you must use in every prospect meeting if you want to sell on value instead of selling on price. You can download it for free using this link.

(The NEW PX12 Consultative Selling Blueprint)

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