Did You Hire Any Of These Sales People?

The sales results you produce in your company are largely dependent upon the quality of the salespeople you hire.

Salespeople fall into 4 broad categories.

If you are not getting the sales results you want in your business it is probably because you either (a) have too many people in the wrong category, or (b) not enough people in the right category.

I created a short video to help you understand and apply this idea in your business. You can watch the video here >> and download a ‘visual’ from the video here

4 Types Of Sellers

I’ve summarized the 4 different types of salespeople here for you. Watch the video for a fuller explanation.

  1. Order Taker: This person is often referred to as a customer service rep or an account manager. They spend the majority of the day responding to inbound emails and phone calls from clients. It would be more accurate to describe them as ‘order processing’ versus ‘sales’.
  2. Product Seller: This is where I started in my early days of B2B selling. Most of the focus is on the characteristics and features of the product or service. These sellers struggle to differentiate themselves and don’t really understand solution selling. They have typically had less than 5 days of formal sales training (excluding product training) in their complete selling history.
  3. Solution Selling: This was the big breakthrough in the 80s and 90s. The mission was to uncover as much detail as possible about the client’s situation. We would then match our products and services to the issues the client was trying to solve. These people have typically received a number of multi-day professional sales training programs. And, more importantly, they have practiced and honed their skills.
  4. Trusted Advisor: This concept has been around for a long time but it’s really come to the forefront in the last decade. While the solution seller is responding to the client agenda, the Trusted Advisor is creating a new agenda for the client. They are bringing new perspectives and new insights. They are educating the client about new ways of getting better business results or solving high priority issues.

If you want to sell value-added services or win more new business, then you must have more salespeople at the solution selling & trusted advisor levels.

One of your primary business goals must be to train your salespeople to sell at Level III and Level IV.

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