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90-Day Race Business Growth Acceleration System

How To Create Predictable, Profitable And Scalable Growth… With No Guessing

  • Find, Hire, Train And Retain A Winning Team Who Are Relentlessly Focused On Delivering Business Results.
  • Reduce Waste And Inefficiency While Creating A World-Class Manufacturing Operation.
  • Execute Faster On Your Most Important Business Goals.

If you are a business owner of a growing company with unrealised potential, please read on.

It’s very likely you have already built a business you’re very proud of. You are respected by your industry peer group for what you’ve already created.

You are producing above average financial returns this industry.

But there is something nagging at you…

  • Your business has been growing quickly and now you’re starting to hit a ceiling of complexity. Your existing systems are not keeping up with your level of growth.
  • You feel there is too much waste and inefficiency and you can’t quite put your finger on the solution.
  • Sales have been growing well but you feel you need to be exploring new markets with a clearer value proposition.
  • You have bigger goals for your business in the future, and you are wondering what is the best way to align your business behind those goals?

In short, you have hit a ceiling of complexity and need to find a way to…

… Create Predictable, Profitable And Scalable Growth, With No Guessing

Introducing The 90-Day Race Blueprint

Talent Management: Raise The Bar Across Your Whole Organisation

  • Align the structure of your business with your critical business goals.
  • Commit to a three-year target for the number of A-Players on your team
  • Use a company scorecard to manage your company’s performance objectives.
  • Grow and develop your management team so they can take care of day-to-day business details. Allow the business leader to focus on strategy, talent and culture.
  • Create complete company alignment. Simplify how you get everybody on the same page, and keep them there.
  • Implement team feedback & accountability systems linked to organizational big rocks.
  • Define your core company culture. Manage your whole business around your company culture. Hire A-Players that match your culture.
  • Define organizational behaviours based upon your culture guidelines.
  • Play to people’s strengths and get the right people sitting in the right seats on the bus
  • Learn to separate yourself from the business so it can run without you eventually.
  • Create more focus and balance in your business and your life. Stay in control so the job does not dominate your life.
  • Optimize your company communication rhythm, so your whole company stays informed, aligned and engaged.

Value Mapping: Capture More Marginal Gains Across All 4 Business Growth Pillars

  • Reduce waste, re-work and inefficiency utilising the 8 Wastes framework.
  • Create a world-class manufacturing environment that performs predictably and efficiently.
  • Create measurable improvements in OEE & OTIF.
  • Streamline your front office/sales processes to create predictable and scalable growth.
  • Take much of the complexity out of running your business. Simplify what you’re trying to do and how you’re trying to do it.
  • Systematize how your business runs across all departments and business functions.
  • Optimise your business processes using the Kaizen framework.
  • Find issues earlier in your business. Solve them systematically and make them go away for good.
  • Pursue the aggregation of marginal gains across your whole organization

Relentless Execution: Execute Faster On Your Vision And Goals

  • Align everybody in the company behind the vision, strategy and goals of the organisation.
  • Everybody owns 3 measurable objectives / goals that they have to deliver on.
  • The team hold themselves accountable to deliver on the goals in short sprint cycles.
  • Develop an accountability culture so everyone holds everybody else accountable for delivering on their 90-Day Race Goals.
  • Boost your productivity and the speed at which things get done.
  • Get everyone on your team focused on metrics that are aligned to your company priorities.
  • Boost the output you get from your company / departmental meetings. Create more accountability for measurable goals.
  • Gain clarity around what you need to do next when you stumble in pursuit of your goals / vision.
  • Get increased buy-in from your management team and team members.

How Is The 90-Day Race System Different?

  • Industry Specific: This system was built specifically for the print, packaging and wide format industry. You do not have to interpret or translate any part of the system. It was developed with YOU in mind. It has already been implemented and proved in a number of print companies.
  • Leverages All 4 Business Growth pillars: This is not just a sales and marketing system or a lean manufacturing system. It fully integrates all 4 business growth pillars (Leadership & Strategy | Sales & Marketing | Production & Fulfilment | Finance & Administration).
  • Implementation Toolkit: The 90-Day Race System is supported with a robust implementation toolkit. Not only will you know what to do, but you will have a simple set of proven tools to get it done.
  • Guaranteed Results: We understand that YOU don’t want more training and more things to do. You just want results and that’s what we guarantee to give you. If you are accepted into the program, we will financially guarantee that you will get results.

What Is The Next Step?

Your next logical step is to schedule our proprietary ‘Current Reality Audit’. That will quickly tell us if we can guarantee to deliver improved measurable financial results in your company. Your current reality audit is based on the 4 Business Growth Pillars that you can see in the image below.

How To Get In Contact

If you want to find out more about creating predictable, profitable and scalable growth, then click on the button below to contact us. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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