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    If you ask someone what the purpose of their case studies or testimonials are, they will say something like;

    • We want to demonstrate the fact that we have excellent products and services
    • We want to prove that we have great people and superb customer support
    • We want to establish that we are a safe pair of hands when a new prospect is considering our company for their project

    While these may seem like reasonable objectives, they are not optimising what is available to you.

    Firstly, I want you to stop thinking in terms of case studies & and testimonials.  Instead, I want you to start thinking in terms of Client Success Stories. 

    To understand why they are called Success Stories, there is a fundamental business concept that has to be understood first. The concept has to do with the word ‘selling’.

    What do we mean when we say we are selling?

    My definition of selling is very simple…

    … Helping clients achieve outcomes.

    Your goal when working with the client is not to sell a product or service, but to help the client resolve an issue.  There is some problem they are grappling with, or some opportunity they are trying to take advantage of.

    Your objective is to help them resolve those issues.

    In the process of that selling conversation, you are going to have to make some claims about your ability to help them. And the customer is going to experience some typical concerns, a.k.a. objections.

    The goal of your Success Story is twofold;

    • Prove to the client that you helped other people, in similar situations to them, get the result they are aspiring to.
    • Or, pre-handle an objection you know you are going to get i.e. a pricing objection.

    Let’s look at a couple of simple examples.

    In our business we have a program called the Elephant Hunting System.  I can guarantee a new client will land three large new accounts at higher margins within 12 months.

    My client Success Stories need to prove that I can do that.  Here are a couple of client success stories in headline format that demonstrate we can deliver on that promise.

    We recently won 2 x £500k accounts and our gross margins are up by almost 25%

    We have landed 3 new large accounts each year. We are also on track to grow our key accounts by 20%, and we have increased our selling margins by over 6%.

    If the client is concerned about the investment in our program, I have a number of client Success Stories that prove the project sell-funds itself within six months.

    If I was running a marketing communications business, and I was talking to a client about a marketing campaign or a web-2-print system, I might need client success stories that proved;

    We improved another client’s response rates from their campaign by 1.2% which means they generated another £50,000 in revenue.

    Our web-to-print system simplified the client’s marketing logistics and saved them 60 hours a week of manual labour.  It also reduced the errors they had been making in their marketing collateral from an average of 12 per month to zero.  We increased the turnaround time of marketing material to regional locations / stores from an average of five days down to an average of two days.

    Now, here’s my challenge to you.

    Take one existing client testimonial and rewrite it as a client Success Story so that it proves you produce a measurable customer result.

    For additional points, see if you can also use it to pre-handle a typical objection.

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